How to Deal with Creative Burnout

As someone who overworks themselves constantly and finds saying no very difficult, creative burnout is something that I have experienced quite a lot. It’s a challenge that many of us face, and can be especially hard when your job requires you to be creative every day!

If you’ve been feeling less inspired than usual, stressed over simple tasks, and maybe even slightly annoyed when you see motivated people — it’s a sign that your body wants you to take a step back and recharge. Here are a few tips to help you bounce back from any creative rut.

Give yourself a break

Watch that movie, binge a new show — recharge your creative brain by looking outwards. Our culture of non-stop work often undermines the importance of taking breaks. When you’re feeling refreshed, go back to your project with a new perspective!

Stop being a perfectionist

Perfectionism is deeply flawed. We stop ourselves from creating or sharing our work with the world because we feel like it’s not good enough. We paralyze our own progress by setting unattainable goals. Remind yourself that the first step to achieving something great is simply having the courage to start.

Rediscover your purpose

Reflect on why you have chosen this path, and remember how it feels to create something meaningful. Reread positive testimonials from your clients. Fall in love with your purpose all over again.

Do something creative that’s not work

Sit down once a day and do something creative — just for fun. When it’s your job to be creative, the pressure can really build up. Find a completely unrelated creative outlet, or work on personal projects to remind yourself how much fun creating can be. I love gardening and doing DIY home decor flips in my free time!

Give yourself short, yet realistic deadlines

Use deadlines as a tool to set boundaries and improve your work-life balance. By dedicating certain hours to work and to relax, you’ll fall into a routine of productivity. Giving yourself a deadline also allows less time to be self-critical.

Creative burnout isn’t something you can avoid, but as long as you acknowledge it and make some changes to your routine, you’ll be able to overcome it.