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Cold Tea — a nod to our founder’s alma mater and Chinese heritage

Our founder studied design at OCAD University, nestled in the heart of Toronto’s historic Chinatown. Harken back to the days of prohibition, and Chinatown restauranteurs would serve beer in teapots after last call. Customers came to know this act of rebellion as ordering “cold tea.”

Like the restauranteurs of 1920s Chinatown, we’ll serve up what you actually want—because when you ask for a new brand, you don’t want a Canva stock logo that doesn’t stand the test of time or trends. You’re asking for meaning, for resonance, for impact. And we’re here for all three.

Our Founder + lead creative

Meet Janelle

You could say my creative story began when I was a 6-year-old in piano lessons. My piano teacher who moonlit as a wedding planner introduced me to the world of weddings, enlisting my help with DIY wedding decor. It was love at first bouquet.

In high school, I got my first job working at a local flower shop. No training, no technique, just a romantic with a heart for weddings and an eye for aesthetics. Floristry remained a big part of my life from high school through to university, giving me firsthand insights into the wedding industry and its clientele.

From budding florist to brand designer

While studying design at OCAD University, I became a social media and design consultant for a travel media agency (with 1M+ followers), designing campaigns for international airlines and tourism boards before becoming an illustrator for a viral Japanese stationery brand.

Today, I run Cold Tea Creative, an intentional design studio, known for serving impactful creatives with impactful design. I still have a thing for weddings, so I serve wedding professionals and other creatives, from artists to cafés. And I can’t wait to help you help others.

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Your goals are our goals

We know what it’s like to invest in creative (read: spendy), so here’s what we want you to know: We won’t design and disappear. We’ll be here to answer your questions, from logo variations to file types, long after our contract wraps. Because we genuinely care about your business as if it was our own.

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